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Review: Tim Minchin At Greenwich Comedy Festival

If you want to laugh a lot, Tim Minchin is a pretty safe bet. The hugely successful Australian comedian received a warm reception last night at the opening of the London’s Greenwich Comedy Festival.

Playing a mix of old favourites and a few new songs, Minchin had the audience singing and laughing along between a mix of comic and tender pieces.

He successfully caused the tent to shake with laughter – and despite a few technical blips with the wiring in the venue – Minchin and the other acts complimented each other leading to a hilarious evening. Standout tunes included his anti-lullaby to his sleepless baby whereby he expresses hope of a hungry Dingo to take the screaming child away from him and “Context” – played twice, first as “Cont” with each line offending a different member of the population and the second time leaving members of the audience crying with laughter with a middle-class awkwardness at having laughed at abusiveness of the first verse. And obviously not forgetting his classic “Prejudice” about people who bully gingers which most of the crowd sang along to.

His makeshift appearance of bare feet, a mass of red hair and blackened eyes might not be what you would expect from an exceptionally talented musician. But despite his ability to make you cringe and laugh almost in the same sentence – Minchin is a truly fantastic musician.

The warm up was a treat to the ears as well. Starting with triple Perrier Award nominee Dan Antopolski who possibly received the loudest laughs of the night, second to Minchin. He was followed by the equally entertaining Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Tim Key and Mock The Weeker Holly Walsh.

In its third year, this fantastic festival has presented massive acts such as Russell Howard, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand and Reginald D Hunter.

Last night Minchin topped a richly entertaining evening of comedy and music which the rest of the week’s line up will be hard pushed to follow.

This article was originally published on Who’s Jack.

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