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Sony Bravia San Francisco Bouncy Balls – advert of the decade?

San Francisco is light, airy, peaceful, eccentric, musical and at the forefront of several major technology brands, most famously Apple. But what I really love about it is the comfort and honesty of this famous city that brings together all generations and classes of society – from a homeless man sleeping in Golden Gate park to George Lucas strolling along Ocean Beach.

The city, with its nauseatingly┬ásteep hills, was perfect to host Sony’s Bravia colour tv advert in 2005. The sight of 170,000 multi-coloured bouncy balls falling down the streets is captivating.

The advert ends with the line ‘Colour – like no other’ and is successful because it is real. There is no CGI and Sony focusses not on the technology of the TV but of the experience a viewer has – the emphasis is on colour and the plenitude of colours filling the screen over a background of the city captures the fun, exciting and weird nature of the city.

Using Jose Gonzalez in the background lulls us into a relaxed state of calm. The simple soft vocals and classical guitar create a lovely, soothing antidote to the fast paced images.

A distinct move away from CGI, this advert deserves to be number one because of the effective juxtaposition of Jose’s comforting vocals with the originality and quirkiness of watching thousands of multi-coloured bouncy balls in the streets of such a lovely city.

And if you want to know how it was made look no further…



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