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Pretty Powerful Stuff

Ladies, it’s 2010 and this is a decade for change and celebrating real women. Brigitte started and Sadie followed  and now Bobbi Brown are joining this power list.

The  famously luxurious make up brand is starting a new beauty campaign: Pretty Powerful. The company have taken real women, friends and family of the make up artist, and shot a series of before and after videos documenting how each woman uses make up everyday.

Dove’s ‘real women’ campaign highlighted the issue of using real women as opposed to models and although the marketing campaign is first and foremost, to generate revenue for the companies involved, I think it’s great these multi national companies are beginning to change and celebrate how beautiful normal women are,and showing you don’t need to be a size zero, or stringently photoshopped to be beautiful.

The company is also launching a contest, first mentioned in beauty blog StyleList, encouraging women around the world to record and submit their own before/after transformation videos.  Once loaded the videos will be on the website and people can vote for their favourite. The beauty company will also donate $1 for each vote to a charity that supports underprivileged women in their careers.


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Sadie Bares All

As guest editor for Grazia this month, Sadie Frost has made a bold statement posing naked with no air brushing for the magazine. The 44-year-old model turned actress and ex of Jude Law is proud of her body and unlike most in the fashion world is prepared to show it unedited.

Despite the fact that her body is immaculate, Frost is sending a message to the media that she doesn’t have to go through Adobe’s photoshopping process to show off her figure. She is confident in her own skin and showing a positive image to women everywhere.

The mother of four said it was time for women to stop torturing their bodies into unrealistic shapes and start celebrating them.

“You can be naturally fit, yet feminine – happy and healthy in your own skin. You don’t have to have that perfect body, because that perfect body doesn’t really exist.”

By posing, Frost is telling woman to stop trying to look like the women we see in glossy magazines, as they have all been edited. The perfect size zero figure does not exist and we should be aiming for a healthy, and happy body instead.

The naughties were about an overarching obsession with size zero, surgery and suffering to obtain this unrealistic image.

Lets make the next decade about celebrating having a healthy, feminine body and being happy in our own skin.

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