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Spring 2011 fashion

Last September’s fashion shows might seem a distant memory now, especially when dressing for cold, wet, dreary January days focuses more on staying warm, dry and de-frizzed rather than glamorous, cat-walk numbers.

However, there are some trends you should be aware of, and once you head out to the shops will probably be bombarded with.

I’ve rounded up my top five, skipping the scrunchies which should remain in the 1980s where they belong and skin-tight flares, only to be worn (and look good on) 1% of the population, to bring you out the of January blues and have you longing for the warm, carefree days of spring… (hopefully).

1) Swan lake-inspired ballet is everywhere and with Natalie Portman’s film, Black Swan, soon to hit the screens, high-street shops across the country are bringing out dancing-themed outfits. If, like me, you spent hours of your childhood at ballet classes, you might be wondering about the navy leotards, uniform pink tights and head bands. Forget the tutus of your past, ballet in 2011 is neat, subtle and can be easily added to any outfit.

2) Bold colours are back, banishing any winter blues and wiping the floor of the endless rows of neutral and camel colours from last season. Bright, strong colours look good but remember less is more, don’t dress from head to toe in red, but add a jacket or scarf to brighten up and update an existing outfit.

3) Fruit is another strange but true trend of the season featuring in everyone’s shows during fashion week. Miuccia Prada and Stella McCartney went for in-your-face bold prints of bananas and citrus fruits. A word of warning, these trends don’t always translate to the high street and it might be worth sticking to a strawberry broach or something equally small and subtle if you’re not prepared for the whole fruit-cocktail look.

4) In at number four is a look I don’t like myself as I’m hampered by being only 5 foot 4 inches and therefore unable to get away with a maxi dress unless adorning 6 inch heels. But they are back with a vengeance and if you’re the right height (damn you) then you should own one. Watch out for those that flow or gape too much as you might look more tent than boho chic.

5) Pleats are a must, giving girlish detail a more grown-up look. They follow the preppy-American college style which is another hit this year, but can introduce elegant shapes and charm to day or night outfits.

Finally, if you’re not keen on any of the above, soon fashion week will be back and accompanied by pages of more looks to choose from, or better still, why not create your own.


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What to wear in Spring 2010

A new year is here.  The mood for change is everywhere. Be it quitting smoking, going travelling, a new job or a new lifestyle – now is the time to make it happen.

The fashion world changes with the seasons and a new set of trends are already forecast for spring. It’s still freezing but blue skies are on their way and here are a few things to look forward to in 2010…


When the snow melts away and spring buds pop up the fashion world will follow. Every year florals reappear and it’s best hunting through your wardrobe or local charity shop before splashing out.

This season variety is key. Bold rose prints and wild meadow flowers can be seen scattered across jeans, jackets and pretty much everywhere the eye can see.

The Botanical Gardens have exploded onto the catwalk  but forget Laura Ashley  – 2010 is all about chic crop-tops, denim shorts and silk shift dresses.

Socks Off

To ensure your feet don’t drop off in the cold while out in your new heels, the fashion world have for once helped us out and made socks cool. Get out your toe warmers and wear your socks in style – whatever colour you fancy, they are the number one foot accessory of the season.

Gym deluxe

This is a trend I will never agree with,  Cheryl Cole may strut around in a pair of over sized jogging bottoms in her latest video but I can’t see this become a huge trend. Jogging bottoms and heels? surely not – but this combo has been spotted for 2010.  Good news for anyone who has splashed out on a new gym outfit in a burst of post christmas guilt.

Tailored track suit bottoms are now high-fashion, endorsed by Prada, Gucci and even Banana Republic. Forget tired tracky bottoms, for this look try dark silk  joggers with a light blazer for clean, crisp American style.

Candy Floss Enchantment

Away with the black and in with the pearly pinks, blues and yellows. These sorbet colours are delicate, girly and beautiful. Indulge your sweet tooth with lemon yellow, minty green, lilac and candy floss pinks.

Make sure you stick to the lightest shade and don’t mix too many together or you may end up looking more 50s housewife than modern-day chic. Mix sweet shades with boyish classics – try a floaty rose-pink skirt with a black bodycon leotard or a minty green blouse with your boyfriend blazer. Enjoy the delectable sweetness but don’t go overboard.

Flirty Frills

Winter was all about edgy rough textures, shoulder pads and hard lines.  Fashion’s feminine side is back and one of the classic girly trends is bursting out of its seems. Frills and ruffles are lining everything and anything from jackets to dresses and if you’re not into the Disney-esque meringue dresses, try a tiered skirt or match something frilly with jeans or a plain t-shirt.


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