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What is the one thing Soho has been missing? A trendy restaurant serving Brazilian street food and refreshing caipirinhas of course and now thanks to the opening of Galeto the search is over.

Located on Dean Street, the brightly-coloured restaurant is now serving up an impressive range of dishes at surprisingly reasonable prices.

There’s traditional street food to start; such as cod fish cakes, marinated chicken hearts (so much better than they sound) and spicy bean soup, and as the prices range from £1.50 – £4 you can afford to try out a few.

Move onto the mains and you can choose from a homemade burger, rump cup steak or a Galeto (£8-£12). Named after the Portuguese word “Little Chicken”, which was brought to Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s, it’s beautifully cooked. The meat is juicy and tender and has just the right amount of lightly crisped skin which is topped with dollops of creamy garlic mayonnaise.

To finish off the feast there are a selection of sweet treats which are small enough that you could possibly squeeze in two (just us?).  The passion fruit mousse is a must along with sliced bananas cooked in orange and lime and topped with vanilla ice cream (all £3.50).

Lastly the most important part of the meal – the drinks. There’s an impressive selection of wine, but for us it was all about the cocktails. Choose from a caipirinha or a caipiroska (vodka instead of cachaca) and then pick your flavour – strawberry, kiwi or acai and you’re set for the night.

Galeto is a charming new addition to Soho’s ever-expanding restaurant choices serving up a small selection of beautifully cooked dishes in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

This article was originally written for Who’s Jack.

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Min Jiang


As far as views of London go, the sight from the top of Min Jiang in High Street Kensington, which stretches out across the park towards the London skyline, is pretty impressive.

Despite not being that high up, the hotel restaurant it’s ideally situated and a perfect viewing spot for Kensington Gardens.

Starting off with a refreshing lychee martini and a fragrant mojito I was instantly impressed by the whiter than white crisp tablecloths, gleaming clean decor, and immaculately trained waiters giving just the right amount of attention without becoming annoying.

We went for the quarter duck (order before you get your drinks as it takes 45 minutes to cook) which was the right mix of juicy, slide of the fork tender flesh and crispy, salty skin.

It was by far the best thing I’d eaten in a while especially when mixed with Min Jiang’s signature toppings such as; shredded leek, cucumber, garlic paste and crunchy sugar (it works). The rest of the duck was then bought out in a plate – we went for it minced in a spicy sauce and lettuce wraps.

This is probably enough for most people but as we were feeling pretty greedy we also went for the delicately fragranced dim sum filled with blue swimmer crab meat and a plate of very delicately crisped squid which lacked the greasy after taste or rubbery squelch you normally get left with.

Our main was a deeply blackened cod fillet which easily flaked away from the bone and was cooked with a subtle hint of ginger and a juicy succulent texture. To mix with this one we also tried a sticky rib eye beef dish with a thick deliciously rich black pepper sauce.

Finally – as with mine and Hugh’s standard track record – we ‘forced’ down two puddings – a chocolate hazelnut cake and a slightly odd creamy mango dish, which out of all the dishes on offer were the least impressive.

The clientele was largely made up of suits, salmon trousers and people staying at the hotel so we were pretty out of place but if you can look past that it’s a great view on offer with dishes, in particular the duck, which match the sights.

This article was originally written for Who’s Jack.

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