Homeslice Pizza


I love pizza, fact, but even more so when it comes in big slabs oozing with cheese and washed down with prosecco on tap (what could be better).

Lucky then that a new pizza joint fitting all these requirements has opened and that is Homeslice Pizza, based in the Seven Dials district of Covent Garden.

You might have munched on Homeslice before when it was a available as street food but now you can sit down and take your time while feasting on the tasty pizzas and more importantly swig some beer or wine along with it (£4 each).

The best flavour (I think) is the spicy pumpkin base with bacon, soft blue cheese, organic buffalo mozzarella and fresh chives and coriander, or the tomato-based pizza with sliced bone marrow, organic buffalo mozzarella, spring onion and lemon washed watercress.

The prices are a real welcome given the location and a whole pizza costs £20 for 20 inches. Also there’s prosecco on tap (had to get a second mention) as well as double magnums of house wine with a measuring stick on the tables for customers to help themselves and only pay for what they drink (this could be dangerous).

The pizzas are made on a huge wood fire pizza oven and the place will be big enough for all your friends as it fits 50 diners.

It’ll be open on Monday 25th March and you can find out more on the website.

This article was originally written for Who’s Jack.

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  1. Homeslice Pizza must be very delicious and tasty i hope many customer to help themself and only pay what they drink could be dangerious.i like this homeslice pizza taste lots of kinds mix make the pizza.

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