Coffee workshops at Caravan


There’s a week for just about anything nowadays but one of the best is National Coffee Week – kicking off on the 23rd April.

To mark the occasion the brilliant people over at Caravan are hosting several coffee workshops at their King’s Cross branch.

These will start on the 13th April and are a brilliant occasion to drink the black stuff and learn a little more about it.

In the latest branch there is an in-house roaster, as well as a restaurant, making it the perfect place for stocking up your coffee knowledge.

The workshops will be held by head barista, Baptiste Kreyder, who will introduce you to the different types of coffee bean, coffee production methods and let you taste individual flavour samples.

After the lesson there’s a tasting (the best part) and the coffee will be accompanied by some delicious complimentary pastries.

It costs £15 per person and classes will run fortnightly from Saturday 13th April, from 10am-11am, for up to 8 people.

You can reserve a spot by calling: 0207 101 7661.

This article was originally written for Who’s Jack.

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