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Sophie’s Steakhouse


London has gone steak mad recently with restaurants popping up across the city promising to serve the best-cut steak in the UK or sometimes even on the planet.

However, one steakhouse which caught my fancy is Sophie’s which can be found in Covent Garden or Chelsea.

On visiting the Covent Garden branch I was pleasantly surprised to find somewhere which kept up with the oh so high standards for steak-eating in London and gave a little bit extra.

It’s a huge restaurant and generally packed on most nights with a mix of locals, suits and tourists but don’t let this put you off. There’s also a lot of good steak on offer, a lively and exciting atmosphere and the prices aren’t as ridiculous as some meaty chains will charge you.

Starting off there’s a small selection of mini plates, with nothing that out of the ordinary. I opted for the beef Carpaccio which pretty much melted off the plate and into my mouth in a delicious delicate way. My friend went for the scallops, which again were cooked to perfection and served with pea puree to smother on top.

Next up, the steak course. You can go for something else if you want but why would you.

There’s sharing dishes such as the chateaubriand, but as a greedy person I prefer to have my own cut and went for the fillet steak while my friend had the rib eye. Both were cooked pretty much exactly how we asked, if not a tiny bit over done, and were excellent cuts of meat served with thick chips to soak up all the delicious meaty juices.

Forget pudding, the list isn’t worth a look, and go for a cocktail. There’s an extensive cocktail menu and the Covent Garden branch is open until 1am so aim to try a few.

This is not a place for an intimate dinner, it’s an open setting and packed full of people so better for a large group. As Sophie (the founder) is the daughter of Jeremy Mogford, founder of Brown’s, you can slightly see the mass-produced similarities.

But although it’s a little chainy you can’t knock the steaks. It’s not a place for meat connoisseurs but somewhere to go and have some fun while enjoying a decent, honest steak and some amazing cocktails with your friends.

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Are You Ready For Free Ice Cream?


There’s no such thing as a free lunch right? Wrong, well when lunch means ice cream (yes, I have done it before).

The lovely people over at Ben & Jerry’s have recognised out obsession with the sweet stuff and have made Tuesday 9th April (put it in your diaries now) Free Cone Day.

Free Cone Day you say? Don’t panic, the wafer will be filled with your choice of ice cream.

Back in 1979 the founders Ben and Jerry hosted the first Free Cone Day giving out scoops of ice cream to the local community and it’s been going on ever since.

This year the day is also helping the Supporting Better Dairy Campaign which is working to the introduction a minimum standard for European dairy cows. Ice-cream eaters will be asked to sign a petition in store to support the campaign.

So how can you get yours? Well it’s only available at selected scoop shops and I’d advise going early to avoid the queues.

Also – although you’re only allowed one scoop, you can go back for as many as you want.

“There is nothing else in the world like Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day,” said Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim.

“We’re fortunate to have people who support us, so we continue the yearly tradition just to say thanks again,” he adds.

Log on to to find your nearest participating Scoop Shop and make sure you check the Facebook page for more updates and news.

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