Vingt Quatre

Vingt Quatre

The eternal quest for food when I’ve been out drinking has been answered and comes in the form of the 24-hour diner VQ in Fulham.

Although it’s a bit of a trek from my flat in North London, the newly refurbished diner is everything you need when you want fast food (and alcohol) at any time of the day, or night.

The menu is pretty standard and includes all day breakfasts, burgers and main meals such as fish and chips (£11.95), slow cooked beef ribs (£15.95) or chilli con carne (£9.50) – and they also sell wine, beers and a small range of cocktails.

As a lover of breakfast, I’m a big fan of places selling it after 11am and VQ has a small but impressive range of dishes such as buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and bacon (£7.95) or kedgeree (£8.95).

If you’re after something sweet choose the Knickerbocker Glory. It’s basic but it’s also everything you want from a retro pudding. The milkshake selection is also not to be missed – you’ll never look back from the Honeycomb (£4.50) flavour.

The one down side about VQ is the location. It sits on Fulham Road in the heart of Chelsea and everything about the place, from the cheap (ish) menu to the basic food  – doesn’t fit in with the rest of the area. However, a second branch is planned for next year so I’ve got my fingers crossed it’ll be North of the river.

This piece was originally written for Who’s Jack.

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