Rock and Rose

When you come across Rock and Rose in Richmond prepare to be hit with an explosion of glitter, hearts and retro punk glamour.

From enormous chandeliers and roses on every table (as the name would suggest), to glamorous throws and cushions, the theme runs throughout the restaurant.

However, don’t let this put you off. The theme may be a little OTT but the food menu is one of the best in Richmond and the restaurant has been successfully created into somewhere a little different from your average gastro pub.

Starting off I had the beautifully presented (and tasting) spicy tiger prawns (£8.95) with a healthy dollop of wasabi aioli. However, just when I was bathing in the glory of choosing such a delicious dish I tasted the restaurant’s signature glazed baby back ribs (£6.95). These are heavenly as the meat is cooked to perfection and is smothered in a sweet, but not sickly, sauce – a word of warning, ask for a hand bowl to wash your hands after as these are not pretty to eat and don’t choose this one on a first date.

Next up was a warming dish of lamb massaman curry, with Thai spices, peanuts and sweet potato (£16.95). It’s the perfect combination of rich meaty flavours with a light, spicy sauce to top it off. If you want something more refreshing and less sleep-inducing the seabass with chilli, ginger and spring onion (£18.95) is a winning choice.

The dishes are generous and if you get full easily you might not be able to cram in a pudding but my advice is push through this barrier and go for the pavlova with mixed summer berries (£5.95). It’s light, fruity and the right mix of chewy, sweet deliciousness topped up with enough fruit to make you feel slightly less guilty.

If you can’t break this barrier go for a espresso martini (£7.95). It’ll wake you up while giving you the satisfaction of having something sweet at the end of the meal.

Along with the food there is a wide range of cocktails on offer and a small but well-picked wine menu. Arriving on a Sunday afternoon I wasn’t expected the restaurant to be busy, especially as it’s a little way away from the main high street in Richmond. I was completely mistaken and in fact it was packed, so make sure you book early to get a table.

This article was originally written for Who’s Jack. 

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