Why clutter can be good

Every year around this time I make a list of resolutions to keep, spend the first few days of January attempting to abide by them until I’m persuaded off the holy trail and out to the pub with friends.

One goal I usually try is clearing out my life, starting with the hoards of clutter I seem to build up each year, which mainly consists of clothes, shoes and bags I’ve bought, but I find it impossible to part with some things.

However, news this week has comforted my squirrel side.  John Lennon’s white suit, worn on the infamous cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, is up for auction alongside some of Lennon’s other outfits and the auction house in Connecticut says the clothes epitomise ‘the ultimate in rock and roll collectibles’.

The suit has already generated a lot of money, selling previously at auction for $120,000 in 2005. It was custom-made in Paris in 1969 by designer Ted Lapidus and Lennon wore it with white plimsolls for the cover shot.

Although my wardrobe contains few items to be compared, there are things of personal value I find hard to throw away and the history student inside me remembers everything (pretty much) comes into fashion again so it is worth hanging onto a few items.

I seem to have inherited this habit for holding onto things from my parents and now as maxi dresses once again become the key item of spring, my Mum reminds me how popular they were back in the 1970s and that those wise enough to hang onto them will now be laughing.

Another Rutt family fashion item are my Dad’s vintage, white, leather platforms from the seventies. These sleek shoes are still in mint condition and those brave enough to slip them on can literally step back in time.

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