Posh impresses in New York

No longer a failed ex-spice girl, Victoria Beckham has moved on from the days of Dane Bowers and into the world of designer boutiques and fashion shows.

When Beckham announced her move into fashion two years ago, the reception was sceptical and critics were keen to criticise. Even now, despite impressive reviews from New York this week, questions have arisen about exactly how much input Beckham has had into the process.

Naming Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi as a key influence for her series of 26 elegant dresses, she’s allegedly banned size-zero models from her shows and is focussing on celebrating real womens’ curves.

Profits look good so far, with sales currently around the £4.5 million mark and experts predict figures will increase for these high-end products, but not dramatically.

Collaborating with Katie Hillier, the label is introducing hand bags for the first time. Quality is key with the products, made in Italy or England, and the prices reflect this.

The power of the ‘Beckham brand’ can almost guarantee any product will have at least initial success but editors around the world have praised this new collection and the word is spreading –  days after signing up to Twitter last week she had 136,000 followers.

However unlike other celebrity fashion lines, aka the Olsen twins and J-Lo, Victoria Beckham seems to be doing the right thing to impress the right people and she’s in line for Designer Brand of the Year at this year’s British Fashion Awards, along with Burberry, Mulberry and Pringle.

Still unconvinced? check out the collection here.

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