The bum bag is back

If you’re American it’s the “fanny pack” to us Brits it’s the “bum bag” something reserved only for tourists and grandads for the past 20 years.

The bum bag has been a hopeless fashion victim’s disaster but now it’s back and with an 80s rave campaign flocking through the fashion world, the bum bag is well and truly here with a vengeance. Firstly exclusive fashionistas magnated to American Apparel to buy one, now even Marks and Spencers plans to launch one this summer.

The catwalk shows for spring/summer 2010 were stacked with them. British designer Ashish Gupta somehow made it sexy with a studded black leather version and Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton have launched their own versions and even created a man-bag version.

It’s certain to say if the bum bag isn’t fashionable by the end of the summer it never will be.

Here’s a selection of the best around, my advice, embrace it – if all sense of coolness leaves you, at least you will have your arms free…

American Apparel, £15.00

Topshop, £28

Louis Vuitton, £230

French Connection, £28.00

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