Oxfam Boutique

Everyone loves buying new clothes and instead of donning your reliable little black dress, or trusty checked shirt, why not head down to Cardiff’s Oxfam Boutique on St Mary Street for something a bit different.

Your outfit can give away a lot about your personality and it’s crucial to get it right. If you’re looking for the perfect day time outfit it’s wise to go for a casual look suitable for any occasion, like this racing green vintage Valentino blazer.

Or if you’re being swept off to a black tie event, this swish ensemble would be perfect.

These gold shoes were donated by Sienna Millar to the boutique and are among some of the designer treasures available.

When heading to the Oxfam Boutique, don’t expect your usual charity shop bargains. The whole point of this store is to sell high-end fashion ranges to create much needed revenue for the charity.

Becky Mann, 26, the shop manager, said: “Charity shops have cottoned on to the potential to make a huge amount from these donations and the idea behind the boutique is to promote sustainable fashion. Many companies give us their unwanted or damaged stock, like Marks and Spencers and our unpaid volunteers are able to fix the clothes so we can sell them.”

The majority of the clothes are from local donations but several major names also regularly donate to the shop, including Jimmy Choo and Whistles. This store was the first boutique created out of London and has been very popular with locals in the past four months since opening.

Miss Mann said: “We are challenging the stereotype of what people think of charity shops. All the clothes are high end, good quality designers and people seem to be really happy with the idea.”
The Oxfam Boutique is packed full of vintage clothes for any occasion and the staff in the shop are more than happy to help you pick out your perfect outfit.

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