Kings of Leon – The final sell out?

In another sell out, this week Kings of Leon have announced a new exclusive fashion line, available at the ultra chic The Shop at BlueBird, on the King’s road in Chelsea. The band, who are not known for being particularly stylish, have created the line with the company Surface 2 Air. The 12-piece range (as pictured above) also includes a black leather jacket which will only set you back £720…

Fame seems to have overwhelmed the band into thinking their manufactured look means they now have the authority to become fashion designers and they are not the first to try and cash in on this industry. Perhaps they should have looked at Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green fashion label as a lesson in why musicians should stick to what they know best.

KOL are hardly likely candidates for fashion icons of the year. Before their last album make over they hardly had any fashion sense at all. The band are known for their dirty, country look and laid back attitude. Maybe the mistake of their latest album was caring too much  about what they were wearing and not the kind of music they were making.

A band more likely to feature on the catwalk is The Killers. Brandon Flowers’s distinctive style is a frequent tabloid filler and he has even appeared in a fashion shoot for the Guardian magazine. Flowers is known for wearing quirky, one-off pieces (check out the feathers in the video below) and a clothing range could be a good idea for them if the gold supplies are ever running low…

The fact that KOL have no style is shown in this range that basically lets you dress like the band, for a price most people would never dream of paying. Still not put off? You can have your very own red and black checked bandana for £63 or to complete the classic American cowboy meets 2010 rock star there are plaid shirts, skinny jeans and leather belts a plenty in the collection.

The clothes are generic and unoriginal, nothing more than Topman’s finest with a huge price tag whacked on.

Surely the Southern rockers can’t be short of cash? Or have they just lost the plot? Whatever the case 2010 looks set to be a rocky one for the band tipped by bookies most likely to split up this year.

Need a reminder of how good they used to be? look no further….

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