Killing in the name of your heels?

Killer heels have been on the catwalk, in fashion magazines, and walking down the street for several years now. They are strikingly high shoes with heels measuring 5ft and up and have been accused of causing infertility, being the epitome of our male dominated society and the most liberating item of a woman’s wardrobe.

Everyone has an opinion on these skyscrapers and hardly anyone can successfully walk in them. Although it has been proven your Manolos could damage your health, women are still tackling stilettos daily.

At 5foot 4inches I am quite a small person and enjoy the feeling of elevation a pair of high heels can offer. No matter how many pairs of heels I buy I still can’t find some that don’t start to rub, burn or cause complete agony by the end of an evening. Most catwalk models have to spend half their lives wearing back breakingly high shoes and risk the potential of broken or sprained ankles in the process.

In 1994 Naomi Campbell made a dramatic tumble on the catwalk wearing Vivienne Westwood 9inch heels. However this fall left her unharmed and successfully pushed her into the worldwide publicity eye.

Recently top models Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova refused to wear Alexander McQueen’s 12inch platforms, named the armadillos.

The shoe boots are ridiculously high and lobster claw shaped, but not everyone has shied away from them. Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness have both tottered boldly where others wouldn’t follow in these deathly boots.

It’s usual for designers to tell models what to do and for these three to stand up against the fashion mogul is quite rare. British shoe designer Emma Hope sympathised with the models and said it was like being made to walk on rulers, the opposite of what people want to look like.

If you feel like braving out of your UGGs and donning a pair of potentially ankle breaking heels here are some tips to make sure the outing is as pain-free as possible.

  • Make sure the shoes fit your properly and wear them around the house for at least an hour before stepping outside. This will give you an idea of where they might be likely to rub and bring a supply of plasters and gel pads for added comfort.
  • Straps provide support.
  • Wedges are a safe option for those unsure of heels. They will give you more support and the wedge will give you extra balance than balancing your weight on a tiny heel.
  • Avoid pointy shoes: the pressure of squeezing your toes into a tiny pointy end is too much and can lead to serious toe nail problems.
  • Feet need to be stretched so if you’re in heels all day, give your tootsies a break at night-time.
  • Finally if you’re fully prepared to head out in your totteringly high heels and you’re fully prepared – do not complain about them. No one likes to hear continual foot whinging and if you know you’re guilty of this, bring a pair of flats in your bag.

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  1. The web we weave

    those shoes are insane but i love them at the same time! good tips think i should take them on board before i dare take on cardiff in my new heels!

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