The Times they are A’changin’…

At first sight, the casually dressed, laid back, Daniel Meadows may be mistaken for someone too caught up in memories of the 1970s, reluctant to change with the times and move into the digital age….the opposite is true.

Although Daniel started out with the photo bus – a  bus he bought in the 1970s to travel around the country taking photos of strangers on the street – he has worked for the BBC for the past seven years, helping set up and cultivate their digital story telling section.

Daniel began his career as a photographer, and has worked with many famous people, including those at the infamous Factory Records.

Now a lecturer at Cardiff University, Daniel has worked closely with BBC Wales, organising workshops for all ages to teach people how to make their own digital stories and on his website there are several very accessible training videos for budding video enthusiasts. One digital story created at a workshop in Port Talbot, called ‘Elvis Died in my Bedroom‘ is an example of how anyone can, with time and attention, create a funny and moving digital story.

A digital story is personal. The juxtaposition of pictures and narrative can be very powerful.

An example of this can be seen in the harrowing A Rape of a Nation – a digital story telling of the ongoing atrocities in the Congo, the deadliest war since World War Two – and yet the least reported in western media.

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