Stitch and Bitch…

It is so easy, satisfying, productive and apparently an excellent weight loss technique.


Knitting is the new cool and although it’s hard to imagine the likes of Sienna Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cameron Diaz, sitting back in her LA apartments with a ball of wool – they all swear by its relaxing qualities.

It’s very easy and addictive. Once you get the knit/pearl system going you will be reeling off enough scarfs to set up your own winter woolen land….

The best way to learn is by watching someone else, and start on simple things, like scarfs or iPod covers. You can find cheap wool to practice on from your local market, but if you’re intending to give away your knitting delights – make sure you buy good quality wool from a recognised store.

Knit Stitch: this is the most basic stitch you need to start on:

An excellent item to start on and something everyone will appreciate for a home-made Christmas present is a scarf:

When you’ve had a bit of practice, this iPod cover is a good step up:


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4 responses to “Stitch and Bitch…

  1. Tara

    I love knitting! I used to go to a knitting club when I was younger. Yes, I was that girl. The one in the knitting club. 🙂

  2. Carly Collins

    Fantastic!! I’m off to buy my knitting needles this evening!!

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