Girl’s A Lout to People’s Princess?

Aggressive, racist, fake or beautiful, genuine style queen?


Everyone has an opinion on our new “national treasure” who has been transformed from ordinary looking girl band member to L’oreal’s latest Barbie doll (with the help of a few gazillion pounds).

No one can deny Cheryl Cole looks beautiful but this unrealistic beauty comes at a cost. On this year’s X Factor tour alone her budget is over £1.2million just for her outfits.

Most of us would quite like to look a bit more like her – but her looks are not natural and without a spare few million pounds, or a rich, guilty husband around, it’s doubtful any normal person could realistically achieve this kind of transformation.

26-year-old Cheryl is doing something right though. She has been picked out by 40% of parents in a Children’s Society survey as the best role model for children  (they’ve clearly forgotten her arrest for attacking a black toilet attendant) and helped Vogue’s sales rocket when she appeared in their February issue.

The outfits Cheryl wears on X Factor have given the designers a huge popularity boost – and those that are available to buy, don’t stay around for long.  Is this desperate wannabees buying up matching outfits, or is she genuinely becoming a fashion icon?

The fact that she is being dressed by someone else for the show only adds to her entirely eerie Barbie-doll-esque image.

Cheryl’s outfits on the show have created a lot of tabloid pages and here are a few classics from this season:


This “industry chic” dress, designed by recent St Martin’s graduate David Korma, has hit the fashion world with storm and was also spotted on Beyonce. It doesn’t work for Cheryl – maybe best left on the catwalk.










sparklyAnother monstrosity – there is nothing right about this outfit. Designed by Julien Macdonald for Spring 2010 – the scaly silver dress, mixed with nude patches and bold shoulders is unflattering and far too revealing making Cheryl look trashy and cheap.








red baubleThis is one of the better outfits of the series although impossible to move or sit down in. This hand-made Atelier Versace red sparkly number celebrates the onset of glitter that has been sprung upon us and despite the christmas bauble effect, I like it.









gold dressAtelier Versace again – this is my favourite outfit so far this year.

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