Fashion with a conscience?

It must be pretty annoying being married to Mr World Peace himself, Bono. But somehow, Ali Hewson, appears relatively down to earth (probably because she can’t get a word in over Bono’s self praising).


Hewson runs her own ethical fashion label, Edun, and has just launched a range of African inspired t-shirts, the profits of which will go towards the War Child charity.


This new range has not been promoted through guilt-inducing alarmism (aka Bono), but through a clear explanation of the label’s attempt to alleviate the tragedy African people experience everyday.

The ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the deadliest our world has seen for several decades, and yet one of the least reported in Western media. The country held its first free elections for four decades in 2006 but its people still face violence, rape, looting and displacement.


Edun’s mission is to create sustainable employment in developing economies and to act as a voice encouraging the fashion industry to trade with Africa. The clothes are expensive but this rare move towards ethical fashion should be praised and encouraged.

Hewson is not your average celebrity or fashion designer.  She says she’s not even a big shopper and she wears her clothes “to death” because “it’s me. I don’t mind clothes with holes.”

The range is available now for one month from a pop up shop within Selfridges Oxford Street and online from


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One response to “Fashion with a conscience?

  1. Jenny Rutt

    I would like to know where these clothes are made and by whom.

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