All that glitters…

The 80s are well and truly back, we’ve had the leggings, leotards and lycra and now comes the glitter. The party season is almost here, so to get in the mood here is a sparkling of glittery delights …

peacocks £14A steal at £14, from Pri-mark’s not so well-known friend – Peacocks

asos £5

The online shop we love, ASOS, brings us this little head band of joy for only £5.00

mango £22

Also comes in white, Mango’s zebra style sequined t-shirt is a must at only £22

asos !75

Out of the budget but beautiful, ASOS, £75

french conn £155

One for the wish list, this French Connection is sequined dress is £155

£24 u outfitters

A little bit of luxurious extravagance but will definitely make work more fun, Urban Outfitters, £24


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3 responses to “All that glitters…

  1. Caroline

    I love the bow headband! So perfect for the party season!

  2. Love the lap-top case. Not so sure about the gymnastics-come-glitterball piece.

    Any men’s fashion advice on the way?

    Good stuff!xxx

  3. alexmsmith

    We haven’t seen this much glitter since Paul Gad went inside!

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