The Beginning

As a Post-Graduate Journalism student at Cardiff University I am embracing the online world and starting this blog to entertain, inform and educate.

There will be posts on how the online world is affecting print journalism and what this means for the future of the news.

I will also be talking about one of my favourite things – vintage fashion.

I am a huge fan of vintage fashion and can be regularly found scouring through charity shops to find new treasures. While some of my friends shudder at the thought of rooting through second hand clothes, I love it. For this blog I will be discussing the world of vintage – what this really is, where to get it and how everyone can wear it.

Each week I am going to photograph the beautiful people of Cardiff and talk to them about their outfits, their inspirations and most importantly – where you can copy their look.

For starters, a few photos from John Galliano’s spring/summer 2010 collection:

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